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Dan Sherwood

M: 865-437-0126

Dan “The Military Man” – S.T.R. Real Estate Specialist
Dan Sherwood, Military U.S.M.C Marine Veteran…
Still Helping Families Today on American Soil

I Love America, and Feel Honored to Have Served in the United States Military as a Marine
Corps Non-Commissioned Officer… And I Am STILL Helping Families Today on American Soil
to Reach Their American Dream! Once A Marine, Always A Marine… Semper Fi
Dan Sherwood is both a U.S. Military Veteran, as well as a Veteran of Financial Services, Legal
Estate Planning, Insurance, Retirement, and Tax Planning services having been Licensed for
over 26 years as a Financial Professional. He has an enthusiastic passion for helping people
Maximize their income and profits by Investing, eliminating risk and reducing taxes. He has
been a longtime proponent of financial education and specializes in helping people avoid
probate, estate, and capital gain taxes, and helping them protect what they have worked hard
for, and retire with confidence.

Dan has had his Professional Real Estate License for almost 7 years now. He specializes in
Selling Properties as Investments in the Short-Term Rental Market. Dan’s Goal is to provide
customer service that is worthy of a word-of-mouth referral from every person he meets!

The 3 Main Reasons Why People Like and Want to work with Dan Sherwood:
1. He Is Trustworthy
2. He Cares About People
3. He Is Good At What He Does

Oh' , and... He is Never Too Busy to Help Any of your Family, Friends, and Acquaintances!
He is very much a Professional at Selling homes, land, farms, ranches, and commercial
properties, as well as representing Investors, Buyers, and Developers in a wide variety of real
estate transactions across this Wonderful State of Tennessee.

His expertise includes Short Term Rental Sales, and Investment Opportunities to Sell and
Purchase Residential Properties rough-out the Smoky Mountains of East Tennessee.
He is a likable, personal, efficient, committed, and econ

Dan Sherwood
Mobile: 865-437-0126
Zach Taylor Real Estate
1500 Medical Center Pkwy Suite 2E
Murfreesboro TN 37129

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