Beth Lundy | Rutherford Co.

Phone: (615) 653-7498



I am dedicated to superior service, enthusiastic, trustworthy, and organized. I have a

people-oriented approach and matchless service resulting in lasting friendships, repeat

customers, and personal referrals which is the heart of my business. Want to know a

little more about Beth as a person?


● Has an educational past: 12+ years teaching and 5+ years advising at Middle

TN State University; Tutoring; M.B.A. (MTSU); B.S. in Business (Tennessee


● Walks 10,000 steps a day--as a personal goal

● Thinks a good book and soft blanket make a perfect day

● Believes coffee doesn’t ask questions, coffee understands

● Understands that biscuits should be made with buttermilk--this is the South

● Still doesn’t understand Twitter or TikTok

● Has a best friend, her Mountain Cur, Zuzu, she rescued me

● Is a Nashville girl and a ‘Boro woman

● Loves her just doesn’t get better than that!

● Is a proud supporter of pajamas for all occasions

● My husband, Taze, is also my full-time real estate partner