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Hello, my name is Elliott Graffice and I have dreamed of being in the real estate industry since I was a kid! So much so, that I turned down multiple high-end outside sales job offers to be in the industry that I love. Many people fall into the business, but not me. My whole education and job history were pointedly catered to build myself up to be the best possible real estate professional. Yes, I have only recently been officially licensed. That does not mean I am new to the industry! I know the buying process in and out. I have moved and been in the buying and selling process countless times with my family which taught me what being an exceptional realtor looks like. I also worked closely with a top realtor in Michigan who helped mentor me into the realtor I am today. Also, while achieving my Business Administration degree from Harding University in marketing and sales, I worked for Crescent Commercial Real Estate as an Inside acquisition and research agent. Customer service is also a deep passion of mine. Working as a customer experience expert at Chick-Fil-A taught me to eat, sleep, and breathe customer service. With all of these things at my disposal, I can confidently say I am the best possible option for you in purchasing or selling your home! I appreciate you so much! - Elliott Graffice